Saturday, 29 October 2016

It's Taken a While...

...but autumn is finally happening. All of a sudden, leaves are all over the ground and the colour is now starting to change.

The projected frosts next week should finish this job.

It certainly looked rather pretty when I was out running today, past the London Road pond where there are now two shoveller drakes circling around, beaks down in the water, then up the Clay Lane hill where even on the dull dull day we had today, I still loved the views out over Balderton and past Claypole.

A kestrel was on the hunt at this point, taking a long time to find the ideal spot for a hover, about halfway up.

The berry laden trees in the Reserve nursery have now turned a beautiful rose gold, berries ready for any passing bullfinch to eat, or runner to photograph.


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 29.10.16


  1. Our ivy is also covered in flowers (and bees) - I have never seen it as prolific as this year. Those berries look succulent. Are they awaiting the arrival of the fieldfares and redwings as well as the bullfinches?

  2. Lovely autumnal photos Simon and really like the reflections in the last picture. Lots of autumn colour (and berries) developing here :)

  3. Beautiful autumnal views, colours and berries.
    Perhaps the same frost is coming here - much snow is expected next week. :)

  4. The slightest bit of breeze and it's raining leaves.
    Ivy seems to have done particularly well this year.

  5. Thank you all, it's strange but I've never seen redwing and fieldfare in there...but you only see them in town in very severe weather.

  6. Lovely photos. I'm hoping to see a shoveler drake tomorrow when I take my birdwatching class out.

  7. Autumn came late this year, but it's good to see the colours! Like the reflections too!