Friday 2 March 2012

Yo! Vixen!

Well, it was probably a dog really...

As I arrived home last night, no stars to be seen apart from faint mars through a smoggy sulphurous haze so no chance to fail to spot Messier 3 or Messier 5 with my binoculars and feel like a failed astronomer again.

As I went through my creaky gate, I was aware of movement behind me. Thinking it would be another cat, I turned and lo and behold there was a smallish and somewhat thin looking fox trotting up my driveway after me. Hungry, perhaps looking for food to strengthen up for a howling breeding season, it looked this way and that, before seeing me lurking in the shadows, or more likely smelling evil human as a faint breeze whispered from the south.

And then it was gone, padding back the way it had come, and across the road to raid someone elses dustbin...

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