Monday 26 March 2012

A Murmuration of Wagtails!

The other night, relieved after surviving another day at work but depressed because the next day would bring another one, I left the building and sorted my bicycle out, only to be assailed by a veritable battery of familiar sounding bubbling whistles.

Long tails in the sky and a deeply undulating flight path revealed a large flock of 100 plus wagtails had decided the sickly looking trees by the lorry park at work was the best sort of place to consider roosting and weren't at all worried that sitting on the road, tails-a-twitching was also the best place to be flattened by a 18 wheeler.

They circled in the sky, whistling furiously and full of the joys of a beautiful evening. A looser less organised roosting display than starlings, but still distracting to watch when wobbling along on a bicycle!

Today, been out running. Great Crested Grebe at London Road lake is in full on summer display colours, but no idea who it might display to, while Peacock and Small White butterflies made their first showing to me today.

Tonight, had a look at the Venus, Crescent Moon and Jupiter trio, a long thin triangle in the sky that a bat flew as I watched.

Venus is so bright it looks it has been punched through the sky from another dimension.

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