Monday 12 March 2012

Comet Garradd

After my busy day on bike and on foot yesterday, thought I'd have a little look for this comet in the vicinity of Ursa Minor and Draco last night - heard it was visible near the bottom end of URSA Minor so had a little look with my 10x50s - think I might have picked it up with averted vision as a misty patch with a noticeable tail at about 2 o clock from Kocab - Beta Ursa Minoris - and about the same distance away as gamma is from Kocab.

But my eyes weren't properly adapted and they may have been playing tricks as usual. Will keep an eye out, but I think it is going to be a difficult object under my skies with my 10x50s.

Kocab by the way, is a gorgeously orange star in the binocular view. Like a lollipop!

Probably because its name is a bit like Kojak.

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