Tuesday 6 March 2012

Multiple Astronomy Fails

I've spent the last few days utterly failing to see things.

A couple of nights ago, sat inside but every so often having a look at the sky...was I looking out at 940 or so when a once in a lifetime fireball as bright as the moon went over? Nope. I was watching some god knows what crap on TV and trying to write.

Great. Bloody great.

And then last night, my best chance to easily see Mercury? Nope! Not a chance. Everywhere I went or stood it would have been just below the rooftops or a bloody great tree was blocking the view from an upstairs bedroom. Grrrrr. Double grrr. And tonight, when I might have had a chance on my way home of finding a good vantage point up the hill, it was cloudy.

Sod it. I'm a rubbish astronomer.

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