Tuesday 27 March 2012

Cuba Libre Astronomy

With the moon well out of the way, decided to head out last night with my 10x50s for a spot of stargazing. This time of year the spring skies seem rather bland and empty to someone who hasn't got a telescope, so I thought I'd just float around for a bit as well as trying to target particular objects.

It was a cold night, so I took out a rum and coke with me, just to fend off the chill a little. I wasn't expecting it would help me see more stars though. That would be stupid.

If anything, it must have done the reverse. Messier 5 was still totally elusive, although today I found out I've been looking in slightly the wrong place due to my faulty memorization of wiki starmaps. Messier 3 I didn't even bother, I always end up with a sore bloody neck for nothing.

But in the East, the Milky Way and the Constellations of summer were rising, so I got a good look at Messier 13 - very impressive in my 10x50s on this night - and Messier 39. Omega 1 and 2 Cygni make a fine pair in binoculars, and although you can't see it's companion, Albireo was a lovely gold colour.

Had a sweep through the bowl of Virgo for galaxies, but I think they are all well out of reach of my 10x50s.

Rum or no rum.

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