Tuesday 20 March 2012

Sitting Beats Running

Today I ran 8-9 miles, past the two lakes and all the way along Clay Lane and through Beacon Hill Nature reserve. It was a lovely day. But, I really didn't see much of any great interest.

This doesn't matter. Just being outside and active on a glorious late afternoon is something to be grateful for.

But today, the most interesting things I saw was when I was sat down, and not looking for them.

This morning, I was at the Millgate Museum cafe, a favourite place of mine to while away an hour. Something caught the sun, and sat twitching upon the glorious, rusting, British Waterways dredger barge was a gorgeous Grey Wagtail, black of neck, yellow of breast with a slate grey back. Apparently the black neck means the bird is a breeding male, on the hunt for pretty wagtail ladies. I wish it luck.

In the background, a cormorant shone blackly in the sun, circling round looking for a likely fishing spot upon the river.

Later, I sat in my garden reading, and spent the afternoon being blasted by this incredibly loud, repetitive two tone whistle. Looked everywhere for the source, but couldn't find it; in fact it mocked me with it's absence, seemingly echoing from the other buildings round my garden and moving from tree to tree. Where was it? No idea.

What was it? No idea! I'd like to think it was possibly a Chiffchaff, I listened to that call and it was definitely similar. Perhaps as ever I'm overkilling it. But it just goes to show.

Sometimes sitting is better than running.

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