Friday 27 May 2011

You! You can nark off the fishermen all you want

Today's run was ten mile or so affair, run with a headache and pretty knackered feeling as it was the first day back at work after my shift. The rape is nearly over, it only slight tinges the fields yellow between Hawton and Farndon which is where I ran today.

Barley fills many of the fields along the Hawton Road, and a swallow seemed to be almost flying along the tractor tracks in the fields. But otherwise, life really seemed to be in short supply on a cool, windy day - few birds, no butterflies, no dragonflies. In Willow Holt there was a flash of black and white as I ran through the wooded area near the river where the catkins still litter the ground if not choking the air. I think it was a Bullfinch but never got a close look.

The Holt proper looked very pretty, with buttercups and elegant Dog Daisies in abundance. Further round the river, the yellow buttercup field I mentioned before now has a ruddy tint too from the flowers on some species of grass or other - surprisingly vivid at a distance, it tricks my idiotic eye into thinking they are poppies.

Today's highlight was a really good view of a Cormorant flying along the river near the cottages by the bypass bridge. They aren't popular with fishermen, but today as it scudded along it looked like a low level torpedo bomber heading in to sink the Bismark or something, I'm sure if the sun was out it would have looked even better,  glowing irridescent green and purple. But as it was, it still looked sleek and lethal.

Everytime I see a cormorant they are usually up to something interesting - flying, fishing, drying their great bat like wings, and they can have all the fish they want as far as I am concerned.

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