Sunday 22 May 2011

I saw nothing...but on my doorstep

My eyes were watering so much because of the gale I was idiotically trying to run into, across Sonce Park and around Millgate. Any sane bird or animal would have been sat at home with it's claws up watching Back to the Future 3, unless it wanted to be blown to Zeebrugge.

It wasn't a very long run either. Hey! I did 11 miles the other day. Slacking is allowed.

So really, all I saw was one I got home. On my driveway, a young blackbird was sitting, stump tailed and gaped, before it flew off on catching sight of me (I don't feel aggrieved), and then right on my doorstep, a blackbird egg (or was it a song thrush - it was turquoise and speckled) broken. Either the blackbird chick was a superfast growing mutant, or I've got blackbirds slash thrushes nesting under my eaves as well as the endlessly scolding and chattering sparrows.

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