Tuesday, 10 May 2011

After the rain comes sun

Not a run, just a little walk after work as the sun came out.

I had been drenched on the way in to work, 5am, and was surprised not to have Blackbirds looking for worms in my fleece, heads cocked to one side. But no, avoided that, just slopped about the floor like a jellyfish on a stick.

So after a trying day, I needed to feel the sun on my back. And so, as I came to riverside park opposite the castle, did a magnificent heron, slow wing beats coming along the river from the east.

He cast a long shadow as he landed - well, herons are always he to me - and didn't have time to settle before two crows pounced on him out of a tree for a spot of mobbing, before being left alone to...er...stand there not fishing. He stared rapt at a patch of soil.

He must have been looking for worms too I guess! Or maybe frogs and toads, more likely!

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