Friday, 20 May 2011

Down to the lake

Well, it's been a pleasant day on and off. Cancelled the mornings cycle ride though, man I was just far too lazy and attached to my bed, reading away my Eurovision Nul Points book - ahem. But I did get to go to the doc's and have medication for my ankle. Lovely.

Ran 7 miles this afternoon and after today and yesterday feel bloody stiff. Today's route was by the lake and then the full length of clay lane, before coming back through Beacon Hill reserve and along the river. The major thing I noticed that instead of the solitary Greylag I reported before, now we have a mini flock of greylags on London Road lake - I hadn't seen one until recently, now a few of them have decided our glorious town is the best place to spend the summer.

Dumb avian airheads!

A coot seemed to have 4 chicks in tow, which seems a lot to me maybe? Ach, I know so little! That's why you lot have to bear with me! Actually, all was pretty quiet today, maybe as everything was a bit off, weatherwise, somehow windy and claggy all at the same time, if that's possible, which it isn't.

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