Saturday, 28 May 2011

All was a blur

Today I ran, but feeling a bit blown out by yesterday's efforts and yesterday's headache, I just went for a 5k time trial.

I was pleased! I was able to get round my route in 20.35, two minutes faster than my record for this Tour De Northgate Railway Station and Beer Festival. Wanted to try and get some speed in my legs, rather than endlessly plodding over 7 to 10 miles. Alas it was a less than scenic route covered at high speed, any wildlife or interesting sights would have passed in a blur of fur and feather. I would imagine a lot of critters were in hiding waiting for the beer festival crowd to thin out and disappear so they could stuff themselves with fallen hot dogs.

However, when I got home I watched two Great Tits - one adult one immature I think - cavorting on the Sycamore hoovering up aphids upside down and all around as they flitted from here to there, seemingly as weightless as I wish I was.

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