Monday, 10 October 2022

My Autumn Oasis

 I still have colour in my postage stamp yard, my little container garden, my little project in attracting pollinators to the yard.

To be honest, the main attractors have been the buddleia and the clematis which grow entirely of their own volition without any input by me, but I could say I have done a good job by not removing them. Besides my own plants have had their moments too, the presence of caterpillars would indicate that butterflies have paid more than a fleeting visit. 

There are still sunflowers, zinnia and cosmos coming into flower, but I've done no more work on the plating front. I'm assuming my crocus and allium bulbs will do for another year, although I did gather allium seeds and plant them too. I suppose right now I ought to be collecting the old flower heads to gather seeds from them too. 

It's all a learning experience.

I turned 50 over the weekend. My main present should be treating myself better and enjoying myself more. 


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 10.09.22


  1. Great colour for so late in the season.

  2. Some nice colours there.
    You did well keeping Nasturtiums going, they died off very quickly here in the dry summer

  3. Lovely Autumnal colours! And belated happy birthday!