Saturday 20 August 2022

A Post of Mystery and Wonder

 I'm well aware I haven't been posting quite as much as usual lately; the insane heat has taken care of that as I've had no real desire to walk anywhere or do anything most of the time. It's just been far too hot. 

That's not to say there hasn't been things to see or listen to; at work swallows and house martins twitter over the car park margins drawn in by the insects attracted to the drainage ditch at the bottom. Flocks of juvenile long tits work their way through the driveway trees with fummy little "zup" calls, while less cutely carrion crows are tearing apart the bodies of roadkill rabbits, long since dessicated and little more than piles of fur.

I've got additional plants in the garden, a scabious gifted me by my sister which really does bring in the pollinators; big hoverflies in particular seem to love it. 

I've also taken joy from buying a new Amazon Kindle. I have an outdoors kit I keep in my small orange rucksack comprising of suncream, a microfibre camping towel and the aforementioned e-reader, an. d I can take it to the cafe at the park, or to cricket matches I seem to spend hours watching these days even when I'm not playing. 

I sit and watch the bees patrolling the rudbeckia in the park and envy them; not the bees but the flowers - my rudbeckia hasn't done very well. They are a last blast of colour in the park, bright yellow suns that will fade as autumn begins.

I don't know what photographs I'm going to post; writing this blog has been a mystery, I've never known where my words will take me.


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 20.08.22


  1. Try planting your rudbeckia directly into the earth - it might reward you next year. Great photos as ever Si.

  2. Thank you, wish I had some earth to plant my rudbeckia in!