Sunday 2 May 2021

Just Taking in the Flowers

 Been a cold old weekend, with not a lot to see, but today was a little less cold, so I took myself through the cemetery, and around the two lakes, just to see what was out. 

Meadow saxifrage in the cemetery is the latest new addition, these pretty white blooms adding to those of the wild garlic - my sister has foraged some of the stuff to make pesto down in Bristol apparently. Plenty of bluebells too, but in general a hybridised mess of native and non-native. 

The nicest sight I've had today was in my own garden. The tiny pipistrelle bat who lives in the roof somewhere has woken up for spring, and was fluttering about at twilight. 

It's an incredible flyer!


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 02.05.21


  1. Your photos as ever are beautiful. We like the meadow saxifrage. We had bats over our garden and my humans used to grow special plants and run around the bushes in the twilight stirring up insects just so they could lie on the lawn and watch the bats flitting about catching the bugs. As a cat I liked those lying on the lawn times, and played chase as we ran round the bushes stirring up insects.