Thursday 20 May 2021

A Red Mason Bee

 The weather has been staggeringly dreadful today - seriously I can't remember a spring as dreary as this for years - but luckily we had a couple of warmer days at the beginning of the week.

This means that there's been plenty to see on the hawthorn blossom, and I've been happy to see that my wildflower meadows are now full of buttercups, while birds foot trefoil and ox eye daisy are now starting to emerge.

The red tailed bumblebees are already starting to zone in on the trefoil, they love feeding off that. 

A new species at work, although I've seen them investigating my garden brickwork and ignoring my bee hotel, is the red mason bee. I came across it feeding off the blossom, recognisable because of its hairy body with firey ginger colouring. 

This one was a little bedraggled from earlier wet weather I think, but it was really so vivid and a very pleasing find.


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