Thursday 6 May 2021

Just Some More Insects

 We've gone from it being dry and cold, to wet and cold as this most un-springlike spring continues, so consequently there's not been a lot of insect life about - I haven't seen a butterfly for what feels like two weeks. 

At work, I can watch the carrion crows that have nested next to the lorry park. And take my lunchtime walks past the gorse and hawthorn bushes by a traffic island, where we have had a few buzzers kicking around.

Take today, for instance, where I was lucky enough to accidentally get my best honeybee photos in a little while, as well as a ladybird. 

Tonight I took my fat self to cricket practice, where it got wet and windy very quickly and left me rather bedraggled when I went off to vote. 

Rain stops me not from exercising my democratic right, even in a council election.


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  1. I'd vote for some better weather, if that were possible! Very few butterflies here either.

  2. Slightly better tday but no flutterers