Friday 23 April 2021

Wandering to Winthorpe

 A glorious spring day today, well worthy of a decent walk I felt. So, having been to the park for a cup of tea earlier on, I took myself out along the river to Winthorpe village, a walk where even in the less nice parts of the route - such as past the sewage farm - butterflies flitted off the path as I approached, and brimstones and orange tips worked along the hedgerows.

Several large herons were also working too, fishing at the edge of the Trent and like the butterflies, taking  off at my presence and making their way across the water with great, slow wingbeats. 

I was hoping to find photo opps with the yellow fields of oildseed-rape, but although I could smell its cloying scent on the breeze, I never got to see any. 

Winthorpe seems to be a village where they don't mow their verges; they are full of forget me not and dandelion. I hope the pollinators are loving it, I didn't see any there.

Perhaps they didn't like the fact the plants were in the shade.


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  1. Makes me wonder why gardeners don't plant borders of forget-me-nots and dandelions - they make a stunning combination.

  2. I thought exactly what John (above) thought when I went for my walk this morning. They make a marvellous combination and, as you say, the pollinators love them as long as they are in the sun.