Saturday 10 April 2021

A Few More First Sightings

 Not really up to a long walk, as my knee is a little sore and I feel very tired - az shot reaction? - but I took myself down the park for an hour to see what I might see. 

It ended up being a very worthwhile enterprise despite the fact it was a cool day that went rather grey while I was out. I spotted a skulking chiff chaff in the old oak wood, and a female orange tip butterfly on the flutter, but of course being female she didn't actually have any orange tips.

Didn't manage to get a photograph of them, however. 

What was more amenable to photography, just about, was a chilly tree bumblebee queen trying to regain her strength, a busy common carder bumblebee feeding off flowering currant, and I finally managed to get a snap of a stunning female tawny mining bee, the most beautiful of our bees in my view, as she fed off hawthorn blossom and filled her weighty saddlebags. 

I was supposed to go and have a spot of solitary cricket practice, but today my body is telling me no.


All text and images copyright CrackeredNatureNature 10.04.21


  1. Mighty chilly for bees to be about, and I should think that Chiffchaffs are also wondering why they arrive before most other migrants. I'm sure you'll feel more like cricket when the weather warms up too.

  2. I have to ask how you do solitary cricket practice?? you must be bowler??
    Seen a good number of Chiffchaff this morning, all showing very well and almost at eye level, also a Willow Warbler skulking alongside the canal tow path.
    Lovely to see the Bees and Butterflies out early (ish). Hope your fitness progresses as the week progresses.

  3. Nice to hear you, shame about your knees. Beautiful the Bees, they are special.

  4. Thank you all, I had a net practice last night!