Saturday 3 April 2021

Journey to Vulcan

 A later start today but I still got out and walked for just over two hours. 

It was an odd sort of walk really, for it was hardly a scenic or pleasurable route. The main purpose was actually to see how long it would take me to walk from work to my vaccination appointment on Tuesday. Gee the glamour of the outdoor life. 

However, it wasn't all tarmac and traffic fumes, although it was mostly that. I saw a massive hare on the showground, a hare so big that I thought it was a deer when I first glimpsed its flashing white tail. Buzzards were circling in various places, and once the sun was out it was a reasonably pleasant day. 

I also saw the big Vulcan bomber at the air museum, although I couldn't get as close as I thought. It's a historic aircraft that arrived at the museum by actually landing on the runway next door, part of the old RAF Winthorpe site. 

I remember seeing a Vulcan Scramble at an air show at RAF Waddington. Those aircraft were BEASTS!


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