Wednesday 7 April 2021

Vaccination Planes

 So, I've been for my shot yesterday, and today enjoyed all the news about how my Astro Zeneca shot might give me a blood clot if I'm horribly unlucky!

On balance however, I'm glad I've had the shot. 

It was quite a strange feeling. Most of the folk were older people there for their second shot of Pfizer, while us very few younger ones - I reckon I was the youngest - were ushered down the fast lane for AZ. 

I say fast lane, but there was an awful lot of paperwork that seemed to be needed to be done in triplicate as I'm sure many of you will know. There shiny clinical setting that the jabs were done in was also slightly offset by the fact that the reception area, and then the post jab area you had to sit in for 15 minutes afterwards in case you keeled over, were both essentially cowsheds used for the agricultural shows that the showground puts on. 

What was surprising was that the injection itself I never felt at all, unlike the flu shots which seem to need screwing into my bicep. Sadly, I didn't get a massive plaster over the jab to show off, although I did get a sticker.

Afterwards I treated myself by riding over to the air museum and getting a few closer up shots of the planes. And then having a bag of chips from the works canteen.

Because that's healthy, right?


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  1. I think you earned that bag of chips.

  2. I missed out on my sticker and felt very deprived! I hope you're feeling OK this morning as I had quite a rough night after having the jab.

  3. Wow! I didn't get a sticker! (I had been hoping for a dolly mixture or a jelly baby). Hope you didn't get any nasty after effects

  4. Been ok other than a very tired couple of days