Monday, 29 October 2018

Up to the Nature Reserve

My heel has gotten a bit sore after I did that 11.5km run - grrrr - and was particularly bothering me after the 6km yesterday.

So today, I put on my big walking boots, and my new Aldi hooded training top -  as ever  you to go to Aldi to buy a bottle of coke and end up digging through the specials and take home some bit of sports kit or other - and walked up to Beacon Hill nature reserve through Clay Lane park.

I was hoping to find a) winter thrushes in the hedgerows or fields and b) interesting fungi in the woodland in the reserve.

In the end I found neither. But I did have a highly pleasant walk on a very bright day, happily listening to Stuart Maconie, a brilliant writer as well as brilliant DJ, and using the sun for photographic purposes.

So, I've had an okay weekend in the end, after the rank, miserable Saturday where I did nothing.


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