Sunday, 7 October 2018

Colours and Pollinators

So, a slightly livelier day for me today, with a decent walk to and around the park this morning, and a 6km run around the two lakes in the afternoon.

The sun was  out, but it was chilly! But finding a nice place to sit a Rumbles always helps; it does act as a bit  of a suntrap under a decent sun, I've quite happily sat out there in zero temperatures before. That's zero celsius by the way, not absolute zero. That would be stupid.

On my way back from there to buy a new exciting first for my home - a spray on olive oil spray thing - I came across a lovely white tailed bumblebee caught by one leg in a single strand of  spiders web.

I made a bit of a clumsy job  of freeing it, but that's what I did. Sorry spider.

Ivy is in full flower at the moment, much enjoyed by wasps who weren't keen on being photographed. However, a honeybee was are amenable.

The light then in the afternoon was lovely, and there was a friendly cat!


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 07.10.18


  1. Super photos of the bees :) Glad you managed to rescue one from the spider's web!

  2. Lovely photos. Love that cat, I have a soft spot for Gingers.

  3. Thank you Robin! It was well worth doing

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