Thursday 1 October 2015

Unadulterated Autumn

Today has been such a split day, it's been crazy.

This morning, the world was blanketed in a thick, cold haze that reduced visiblity to less than a hundred metres, and had my hands turning purple when I rode to my local cafe this morning.

Two hours later, the mist suddenly dissolved, and the sky became blue to the edge of the universe virtually instantaneously. A sky so clear has been a rare sight this whole year, there wasn't a single cloud to be seen for the entire afternoon. Visibility was miles from atop Beacon Hill.

Tonight will surely be cold and clear. A night for astronomy while clad in my warmest clothes.

I present you with these pictures, all unfiltered and uncropped just to give you a genuine idea of the colours on view today, especially during my 10km run this afternoon. It was lovely.


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 01.10.15

Morning mist

Hazy River

Bees and butterflies enjoying this plant on the park late season

The last bastion of municipal colour

Mallards now out of eclipse

Dappled Clay Lane

I got a lot of nettle stings along here

Crab apples?




Ash keys against the sun

Pretty late season flower on the Beacon Hill Park

The industrial distance

Down the hill

October dazzle

Shimmering water


  1. That is a dramatic transition from mist to crystal clear!

  2. Isnt it just! Not so drastic today, been nice mostly all day. Thanks for saying hi!