Saturday, 24 October 2015

Starling Hangout

This off shift has been a bit of a wipe out really. I was tired during the day, then in the evening had a tic that brought on a mild attack of sciatica from my backside all down my left leg and made me hobble in a slightly comic fashion.

It's better today, but as a precaution realised I couldn't go running again, so instead I took my camera out for a walk down to London Road Pond and then along the river, enjoying the rain given opportunity to wear my hiking trousers and monstrous yellow kag-in-a-bag and thus look very stupid.

After drawing a blank yesterday, today was mission grebe and sure enough I found an adult on patrol on the pond.


Everytime I got the wretched avian in focus, it dived. Again and again and again. Repeatedly. Repeatedly and repeatedly. I followed it up and down the bank like a neon clad idiot, getting some strange looks from some kids trying to illegally pike fish in the lake, and getting no usable shots of the bird whatsoever.

Darn bird.

However, I got some nice shots of some juvenile moorhens, and when I went to the marina bridge, I was able to shoot the starlings that gather there before the evening murmuration. Think these turned out well.

But that's just my opinion.


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 25.10.15

"Fancy a swim"
"Because I'm going in"
"Best go in after him"
Best of my rubbish grebe shots
Macro snail
The starlings on the bridge
Preparing for murmuration
Admiring the sunset
Taking in the view


  1. It 'was probably that 'monstrous yellow kit bag' that put the grebe off.
    But those starlings are beautiful - we don't seem to have many round here.

  2. Love the way the light catches the starlings in the last 2 photos. These days starlings only visit our garden occasionally - yet they were once so common :(

  3. Warm winter light on a gathering of Starlings - lovely stuff, Si. I hope the after effects of the tic have reduced with some good sleep.

  4. I don't always appreciate the gangs of Starlings which swamp my feeders but the shot of them lined up on the bridge is great.
    As for the Grebe - I swear some birds have eyes in their backsides which can tell when a camera is at the ready giving the bird a chance to move out of view.

  5. I agree John! That Grebe was a right sod!

    Thanks all for your kind comments, quite pleased with what I got yesterday. I love how the starlings are quite ruffled and fluffy looking. Very characterful birds

  6. Starlings on the bridge, what a great shot.....I love that image.

    You can see it is a grebe Simon......well done.

  7. I've realised that in that shot Cheryl, the starlings have managed to arrange themselves damn near symmetrically!

  8. I really like the photos of the starlings

  9. Stunning photos Simon, I really like the one of the snail, the colours and the lighting on that are beautiful. There is nothing more beautiful than watching a starling murmuration too, it's one of my favourite sights in nature. I hope the sciatica cleared up as well, I know that can be quite painful as my Mum has bouts of that. Beautiful post! - Tasha

  10. Still struggling I'm afraid Natasha! I'm hoping to get some nice murmuration shots this autumn, you need to time it right with the light!