Friday, 23 October 2015

Mission: Photography

Oh I'm such a lazy boy. The plan was to have a really good long run today, out to 20km or beyond, and after a bright start to the day, I ended up so tired in the afternoon that I ended up dozing for a couple of hours in front of a DVD.

This was not acceptable.

When I did get going, I just didn't feel like running at all and was looking for any excuse. Not a good attitude when one is trying to drop a bit of holiday weight I'm afraid, but I didn't waste the day. I headed to the park with the new camera to see if I could get any good bird shots.

The answer was, no, not really. Aside from a lovely "seeeeep"-ing flock of long tailed tits, which were bar too busy for me to get a shot of, the large number of dogs being walked had probably driven the birds way into the tree tops, and there were no kestrels hunting above the pasture.

The muntjac deer that, unbelievably, visit the park were obviously not going to show themselves, being barely larger than a dog themselves. No-one seems to know where they have come from, but they've been popping up in people's gardens here from time to time.

The waterfowl on Balderton Lake were a better target, although there were no great crested grebes to shoot, but I'm still not happy with my pictures. I'm getting better, but any motion at all seems to blur the image, and I'm far too shaky to maintain a good focus point when on the zoom.

Still, it is only a basic bridge camera and I'm only a far more basic photographer. My bird shots are still better than any I've got before, and my squirrel even looks like a squirrel!

Hope you like them.


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 23.10.15

Sconce old wood


Macro flower

Another late lasting flower on the Sconce

Squirrel in the old wood tree

Going down!

Tufted duck


  1. I like the pic of the squirrel going down the tree and the first one of the trees in particular.

  2. Thank you! I will only get better with practice

  3. Lovely shots Simon, the macro ones of the flowers are stunning! And funnily enough, I sometimes refer to my peace lily as Triffid because it reminds me of the plants! :D - Tasha

  4. Nothing wrong with those wildlife shots.
    take lots of photo's, play around with them on photoshop
    there will inevitably be one that you are pleased with.

  5. Love the shots, especially the squirrel.

  6. Squirrels are so much fun to watch and photograph. You will improve your camera skills the more you use the camera though these are good images.

  7. Thank you folks, I've been out again today, let's see if I've done any better!