Friday 15 July 2011

Running for Dragonflies

Thought on today's run, 8 miles out to Farndon and back along the river, I'd keep an eye out for dragonflies and damselflies today, and then, rather boringly, tell you about them.

I'd like to take pictures of them for you, but a slow-wit with a mobile phone, forget it.

So, out on a warm sunny day but with a fair old breeze blowing, what did I see?

Willow Holt brought a large Dragon with a long, yellow green blue body. No idea what it is! Looking at pictures, I'd go for a common Hawker as most likely specimen, the Emperor seems far too blue. And then further round the river, there were a couple of what I think are Broad Bodied Chasers, while the Common Blue Damsels were on the dirt path as usual, although not as many as last time maybe.

The prettiest sight though was a few banded demoiselles flitting amongst the lilley pads further round the river, always a sight to cheer up a tired runner who had been suffering so badly from chafing in "certain areas" he had to run shirtless.

I'm surprised I saw any nature at all. I'd have run or flown off if I could. Even if I was a tree, seeing topless me running like a nut.

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