Tuesday 26 July 2011

The Beauty of Night

As well as the daytime, if you have a bit of an astronomy head like me there is plenty to see at night!

There's been some fairly crisp clear nights the last week here, and the night sky is unusually pretty for summer in the town. Take the time to have a look, you might see as I did a bat cast in black against the moonlight. Above at 10pm, the Summer Triangle of the bright stars Deneb, Altair and the brilliant steel blue Vega light the sky, and if your skies are dark, the milky way goes ghostly above from north east to south west straight over your head and satellites or even the international Space Station cross it like lonely travellers boating acorss the River Styx from one black underworlde to another.

Later on, Perseus, home of the meteors, is rising. Chasing after Andromeda to rescue her, with the great Flying Horse Pegasus standing by...

God, I love astronomy so much too

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