Thursday 28 July 2011

Garden Butterflies

Forgot to to mention this but had a couple of new visitors to my garden this summer;

In addition to the usual whites and small slash common blues, and the occasional peacock on the Buddleiah, the other day a red admiral actually settled on my chest when I was doing some vanity tanning in the sun...

Don't swoon ladies, I do this for a little while to get a bit of UV on my excema *LOL*.

And then, some fluttering amongst the untidy grass and nettles, an unfamiliar twitch of brown. I had a meadow brown come for a poke round my shed, a really weird urban sight. Never seen one in town before. The browns you get in town tend to be Wall Browns.

Another little astronomy note few delta aquariid meteors might be around the next couple of days. Really inspired to try and get the old telescope going after so long...and as the nights draw in you might see a few stargazing reports if I run at night.

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