Friday 1 July 2011

The other way up the path

Wasn't really a very naturous nature run today, I felt more like people watching on what was a really nice, but not too hot afternoon. The cycle path going the other way up to Cotham via British Gypsum though is in slightly wilder territory than the other way, and especially when you get out into the sticks proper - as I said when I did that suicidal 16 mile run there were all manner of wildflowers and butterflies to look at as I went past in not terribly Sebastian Coe fashion.

No folk thieving chain link fencing to look at today either! I just ran to British Gypsum then across Grange Road to Sconce Hills. Not really a wildlife route, although you can enjoy looking at the House Martins and Swifts gadding about.

One thing I forgot to mention yesterday at Besthorpe was the number of Common Blue Damselflies I saw sitting on the paths - noticed this on the path by the river at Farndon. They must like it, nice and warm compared to the grass!

Lots of Buddleiah in bloom again - must try and get a nice pic of a peacock butterfly!

Must think of other reserves to visit out there - it's doing me good this lark, I've lost 4 inches round my waist since I've been doing this!

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