Saturday 4 June 2011

Well that was annoying

Was doing a really good post about todays 15k run, around London Road Lake and Balderton Lake and beyond. Unfortunately my bloody Firefox crashed that tab and now I can't recover it! Bugger.

So to recap in note form.

1) London Road Lake is fairly bland although years ago I saw a white throated diver (or similar) here before the camo wearing camera wielding twitchers descended. I didn't realise what it was.

2) Pretty moorhen chick on the bank of London Road lake, like a black pom pom with comedy huge feet. Mummy likes nesting by the dyke at the Barnbygate end of the lake.

3) Bullfinches on clay lane, they seem to like it here amongst the hawthorns.

4) Butterflies out again, a few speckled woods in the nursery on Beacon Hill reserve. Was interested to note that Springwatch confirmed my own observations that Orange Tips have done very well this year.

5) I was thinking about my two hot as sci fi feature scripts I want to write as well as trying to see the pretty birdies and animals. I write all sorts you see!

So, bloody firefox wiped the better writing I did, although for all I know most of you think I'm rubbish and can't write for jack and should write no more than a sentence a day. I love writing, the achievement of it, but as I find it murderously hard to concentrate, it does not come easily to me. I just so want to be liked....*laughs*

Writing needs to be my life!

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