Thursday 16 June 2011

Life in the silver birch

I wonder where the little goldcrest goes that spends late winter / early summer eating the leaf buds on a silver birch tree outside the window here. It is always a cute little sight, a feathered ping pong ball with a golden mohican stuffing its little beak. In summer, not a sign of it, I suppose they do really boring stuff like going off and breeding and things!

I'd never seen one in my life until about three years ago, and now they are regular visitors to this council bugging tree that every local artisan with a chainsaw thinks should be hacked down, according to the number of often rather misspelt flyers that get stuffed through the letter box. Well, if the goldcrests like it, it stays!

Coal Tits like it too, in winter they like to root around in the bark on the trunk for insects of some kind while the more PR savvy Blue Tits get on with hanging upside down and posing for xmas card pics with the robins.

It's a cracking tree, and it damn well stays! For me, the goldcrests and everyone!

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