Thursday 23 June 2011

On Ilkley Moor Bar 'tat

Beautiful! Was up there yesterday, and having had a piece of fish the size of Moby Dick's father at the Cow and Calf near the top of the moor, me and my sister headed out for a walk to see what we could find amongst the ferns and the rocks.

It's lovely, but in some ways rather bleak under grey skies with a hundred mile an hour wind blowing - no butterflies to be seen up here! The Cow and Calf rocks are near a little rock amphitheatre, where a pigeon was testing out the acoustics by making booming coo - ey noises from 30 feet up, and my sister tested out my nerves by attempting to climb the less shear sides of the bowl. I'd love to out on a Pink Floyd type gig!

We retraced our steps and headed up the side of this formation, nearer the top of the moor, finding all manner of plants including a sort of cotton flax plant thing growing near the boggier parts - photos later - and everywhere meadow pipits would fly out of the ferns, with a charecteristic "peep peep" double whistle, and arrow back down again. Had a really good look at a couple of these little brown birds, which are cute despite their unshowy plumage.

Didn't stay long, as bad weather seemed to be closing in, and we had a few beers to consume back in the city! But it is a spectacular place up there, I really envied the group of kids camping in the shelter of a stand of trees. I wanted to be young again.

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