Wednesday 15 June 2011

A Fair few butterflies day

First up, as usual, a correction. Notts Wildlife Trust reckon it was Sedge Warblers I saw in Willow Holt yesterday. Cetti's still rare in the county apparently, although they report them at Langford Lowfields. Looking at a pic, the size fits, as does the dark stripes round they eyes. Don't remember the backs being that streaked though! Told you I always misidentified things. At least it was a bloody warbler though.

Today ran a shade under 10k on the usual route past the lake and up to Beacon Hill. It was a strange day, warm, muggy, and alternately hot hazy sun, then prickling light-ish rain. Didn't think much would be out, but on Beacon Hill reserve, well the butterflies were out and pretty abundant.

The place to see them this year, rather than the "butterfly park" which is still a fly tipped mess, is the path from the oilseed rape (ugh) field down to the nursery. As I entered the nursery, a pair of Speckled Woods were spiralling around each other in front of me - courtship behaviour? Agression display? - and then as the nuresery opened out, I paused and saw various species about on the wildflowers and flowering grasses. Brown Argus were visible, but not close enough to be absoloutely certain. Meadow Browns were also about, the variation in colour in this species is very marked - saw one today that was nearly all dark grey apart from the almost golden area around the spot.

Some large white butterflies were in flight - don't ask me which white though, could be Large, Wood or Green veined I guess. A small blue butterfly was also around, most likely a common blue I guess. I do wonder at home though, are the blues I see round my holly tree Holly Blues which are supposedly very numerous this year, I never see them close enough!!! To go with the Large Skipper I saw yesterday, doing pretty well on the butterfly front.

Still wonder where all the Brimstones went, and now Ringlets too.

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