Tuesday 28 June 2011

Nature is good for the soul

When your employer has cut your hours, life is becoming an even greater, now less than minimum wage, struggle, and you still don't know how to go about actually finishing your script, then it is always good to know that outside the door there is fresh air, and a world to explore no matter where you are.

So yep, saddled up, grabbed my isotonic (ha!) drinks bottle and my falling apart old mobile phone I use as a radio, and ran past the lake and the whole length of clay lane, before cutting through Beacon Hill Reserve and along the river.

So yep, just the getting out was the important thing today. It was a grey grey day, and apart from the currently inevitable ringlet butterflies and elderflower in bloom, there wasn't a lot to see or interest you, you far better amateur nature lovers than me, you ace hot proper photographers who produce such enviable work. But just being out there so makes things better, sometimes!

Even when it hurts *rubs right knee*

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