Thursday 13 April 2023

Some Solitary Bees

 There's been plenty of solitary bees about this spring - when the weather has been ok! - mainly feeding off dandelion, which I've recently learned is not as amazing a source of pollen as many people think. 

However, this time of year, it is clearly still important as it so abundant compared to other food plants round here. 

I'm not sure of the species id of the non honeybees here; the tiny one is a lassioglossus of some kind, while another is an andrena mining bee. My bee identification skills are not up to the task and neither is Google lens, it seems!


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  1. Nice to see the bees out and about once more, whatever species they might be.

  2. We had a queen bumblebee in the kitchen the other day, apparently each year they appear roughly about the same time in the house 'the ghost bee', though logically there must be a nest somewhere. Always glad to see bees.

  3. Si - did you know that you can also get pollen charts that tell you what the bees have been foraging on based on the colour of the pollen. I notice the top one is quite red.

  4. My lawn must love these creatures because already it is almost a carpet of dandelions - they need to get here quickly before my gardener arriveswith the Weed and Feed!

  5. It's always nice to see solitary bees!