Saturday 2 April 2022

The Pleasure of Cycling

 Activity wise, well this week has been a quiet one with the arrival of cold weather curtailing nature in its tracks, and keeping my indoors when I've not been shivering and getting wet on my bike rides to work amid the snow and hale we've had, often at the same time.

But the weekend before that was glorious, and I seized the opportunity to get out on my Raleigh hybrid bike for the first time in months. 

I did two rides, totalling just under 50km in all, firstly on a loop out to Elston on Saturday, and then to Norwell and Muskham on Sunday. Compared to my hack work bike, the hybrid goes like a bomb although skinny tyres make for a rough time on some of the cratered local roads. 

It's a good fitness activity too, and feeling warm air rushing past your skin is you scoot along at 30km/h is joyful, not to mention the vitamin D you are getting after the dark days of winter. Aboard the bike my tourettes is controlled, and my general anxiety about the world is lessened, although occasionally my anxiety about bad driving isn't. 

I intend to get some more riding in this spring and summer, nothing heavy, nothing Bradley Wiggins, but just to see the local villages and find some nature sites.

And maybe get some tan lines as well, the mark of any proper cyclist!


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  1. Nice bike, Simon. I really need to get out and regain some of the fitness I used to have!

  2. It's been cold, windy as all get out, rainy, and snowing here in Illinois, putting a damper on any bike riding. The wind has been especially tough. I am looking forward to nicer weather. My bike is more of a "touring" bike - upright and has a seat back! This has revolutionized riding for me, as I can ride miles and miles without any pain, or numbness! Woo hoo! I look forward to many rides this year. I love reading about your rides, and seeing the interesting things you find. It's not quite that scenic here - and the bike paths are not close to me, as I live out in the country, so my bike must be carted around on the bike rack. I will still be on it as much as possible!

  3. Shamefully I can't ride a bike at all well! Enjoy your cycling adventures! That's a lovely churchyard in your photo.

  4. I've not been riding for pleasure with the awful weather!