Saturday 9 April 2022

Garden Activities

 We've not had great weather recently, so I've knocked off the cycling for pleasure for a bit until the sun comes out and the wind drops, and we don't get snow and hale within ten minutes of each other. 

Instead, I've done some more gardening work, filling two planters with wildflower seed bombs, and planting an Asda cornflower kit. I'm planning to add some more in the next couple of days and get some more pollinator friendly plants on the go.

The weather still being bitterly cold at night, I've got a mini greenhouse I've rescued from my family home, and I'm using it to shelter the new plantings at night. The next pots I plant out will also go in there until the nights are warmer. 

Middle age has arrived with a vengeance!

My pre-existing plants, well all the crocuses are over now, but my alliums flower spears have now emerged, the sonetti is still flowering after about 9 months, and there are new blooms coming out on my little alpine plant with a confusing long name I can't remember!

Looking forward to growing more things.


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  1. Looks like you have been infected by the gardening bug. It's incurable you know!

  2. And now, gardening, is there stopping him, cricket, nature, canals, etc etc etc..

  3. There is, as yet. not a sign of my allium spears. I just hope the mice have not feasted on them all winter - I know how much they love them.

  4. that's a very nice mini-greenhouse

  5. No sign of my allium spears as yet - I just hope the mice haven't got them.