Friday, 15 April 2022

Back on my Bike

 Well, it's a bank holiday Friday for me, the sun was out, and I left the house at 11am determined to have a full day of it with a visit to the park, and then an afternoon full of exploration and adventure.

Unfortunately my body decided otherwise, and after lunch I ended up having a two hour nap. Full of guilt when I woke up, I decided to jump on the bike and make my way out to RSPB Langford Lowfields for the first time this year. 

It was the old hack mountain bike, knowing as I did the rougher parts of the Sustrans 64 route would judder my backside to death if I went on the Raleigh Hybrid. 

It was a pleasant and quick ride, unhindered by school run traffic and without much wind to hinder progress. I arrived at Langford after half an hour, with a low sun turning the reed beds golden, and the air full of the honking of geese. 

I was hoping for find swallows and sand martins feeding off the numerous insects on the wing, but no, all was quiet in that regard. The geese honks mixed with the screeches of black headed gulls made up for the lack of sand martin twitterings. 

I did a tour of the lake, loving every second of it, especially the loud and mainly unidentifiable bird song from the tree line on the East side of the reed bed. A song thrush atop a tree was emitting perhaps the loudest calls I've ever heard from a songbird, and a jay suddenly flying across my path was an absolute treat. 

The beach hut has been tricked out since I last came, with a little shop of fantastic enamel RSPB badges. No cash on me sadly. 

Who carries cash now anyway?


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  1. Seeing the pic of your bike - yikes! Don't know how you can ride that kind of bike - lord knows I tried! You're much younger than I, I think that must be why you can! :) I have an upright bike whose seat has a back on it, and dearly love how comfy it is. I can ride for days. Love your pictures, love that you listened to your body and took that nap! I still carry cash - I think it might be my age group. (I am 61) Here in the states we (well, my Hubs and I anyway) tip our servers in cash, for if you add the tip to the check and use a credit card, the server misses out on all of the tip since the restaurant pays a charge for accepting credit cards. Silly system.

  2. It all looks lovely and so inviting Si. And that glorious field of cowslips. Divine