Friday, 19 February 2016

"There's a Man in my Tea!!!"

Found myself in Mamma Whites yesterday, where you get American style pancakes and stuff for not too much money. They've got a new all day breakfast menu, where you order 6 things, get a stack of pancakes and a cup of tea with it, for £7.50.

We were waiting for the food, when the drinks came out, and I was shocked to find that my tea had a small man in it!

Apparently this is a loose leaf tea infuser, where 2000 perforations in his trousers let the flavour flood out. You can get them on Amazon, it seems. His body posture is rather slumped and resigned, but he has a smile on his face.

The pancakes and food arrived, and it was enough to totally stuff you. Simple food, but really nicely done.

You're getting a fair old bit for your £7.50.

I'm not doing a puff piece because they asked me to, not at all. In fact, their presence on social media isn't enough for a business like this. But I've always liked this little place and I've always wanted it to do well - so many small cafes like this have been set up, then died a death in Newark.

I don't want i to happen to one where I really like the food!


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  1. Looks like a fine breakfast for an athlete. That tea must be hot, the little fellow has quite a sweat on.

  2. Mmm, the breakfast looks very tasty, but I would prefer my tea without a sweating man in it. :D

  3. Not sure about the trouser thing Si but the breakfast looks good. In fact in my case it definitely would be 'all day' - if I ate that I wouldn't need anything else until the next day. I had seafood pasta for lunch out yesterday and haven't eaten since.

  4. I hope your man didn`t leave his feet in the bottom of the cup - very bizarre!

    I expect you easily burn up all that good food on your runs. Like Weaver, I would enjoy it but that would be "it" for the day...... I hope the cafe can survive. It`s good to see independent businesses doing well.

  5. Ran for an hour yesterday but my knee is very sore today for some reason. Swollen and feels like I've had a knock, but there's not really a bruise!

    Thanks for all your comments!

  6. Love the 'sweaty man' tea infuser Si! How creative some people are.

    Hope your knee is much better today, take it easy.

  7. Just love that tea infuser. Had a look on Amazon, approx £6 for a Mr. and Mrs pair so I hope they don't lose to many. Apparently they used to be £25 a pair!

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