Monday, 10 August 2015

The Holly Blue at the Castle

My sister is visiting, so not had time to do a proper nature adventure today! Instead, I took her to the castle grounds to look for butterflies, and we got lucky.

The holly blue is the first of the blue butterflies to emerge in the spring, typically in early April, when it can be seen flying around gardens and public parks, as opposed to the common blue which emerges later and prefers wilder country. It is also a rather more delicate pastel shade than the deeper colour of the male common blue, and the sexes are much closer in appearance.

A second brood emerges in high summer, and these are the tiny flying jewels I've seen flitting about the castle in the last week or so. Until now, they have proved very tricky to photograph. You have to approach these skittish little butterflies like a statue lest they take flight out of camera range, and when they do take to the air, it can be a fair old while before they settle down again.

Luckily, they were in a compliant mood today, and I managed to snatch a few shots much to the delight of my sister, who had never had a close luck at one before. She also enjoyed watching me make friends with bees in the library park, actually getting them to sit on my finger as they buzzed through the lavender.

Ice creams, bees, and butterflies! Perfect!


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First, a buzzy bee!

Had to keep very still

Managed to get a little closer. Love the stripy antennae

Face on shot

They love this little pink flower in the castle hedgerows

Making friends


  1. They are beautiful little flutters. Well done on getting your photo.

  2. Thanks very much! Wonder what I'll see on my long run today???

  3. You did well to get photos - they are very skittish little butterflies in our garden and very hard to approach!

  4. Managed to get another shot today, they are relatively numerous in this second flight!