Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Nuclear Thistles in the Owl Lands

Today's run was an 11km trot via the Owl Road, and the off license where I treat myself to a post run Magnum and Barr's Troopicola.

Barr's is the premiere soft drinks manufacturer in the world in my view. Hopefully if they are reading this might send me a few cases of Irn-Bru or rasberryade. Unlike some, I don't get any freebies through this blog.

Anyway, it was a decent run, flushing up partridges and tweeping little flocks of meadow pipit, and encountering a species of thistle that was almost a glowing blue in colour, as if it was emitting the Cerenkow Radiation (one of my favourite science things) nuclear reactors do - it makes the water glow blue.

Speaking of nuclear, I'm studying a Futurelearn course at the moment on renewable energy. There is some cause for optimism, especially with Scotland's commitment to source 100% of electricity from renewable sources by 2020. Here, every time anyone threatens to put up a wind turbine, protests roll in like a petition tidal wave.

They complain about the noise, despite living next to the freshly dualled A46 trunk road...


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Library lavender getting a lot of customers

This bee was very lethargic after the wind got up and the temperature dropped

Unrecognised plant on the owl road

Neon thistle

Bee subjects itself to thistle irradiation. The pics don't do the colour justice

Wild plants at Cotham Flash

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