Monday 18 August 2014

Swallows Watch the Civil War in Newark

I was doing some gentle cycling around town this morning, before finally making my way over to Rumbles cafe for a gratifyingly large cup of tea on what was rather too cold a morning to be just wearing a T-Shirt.

In the distance, there was some strange, smoke making activity silhouetted on the Sconce horizon. I made sure my safety lid was in place, and made my way over to the scene.

"Aha!" I mentally cried to myself. "This is the filming for the new Civil War Museum! This will be on their mega-televisions inside."

Indeed it was. And it took far less time to think than to write.

Once again swallows much in evidence daring themselves to fly as close to the ground as possible. Their flight path, as always, was to fly in over Rumbles cafe, then head for ground level just past the flower bed before heading as far as the earthwork before looping around the field a couple of times before exiting the way they came.

I wonder what those beautiful little hirundids thought of the spectacle below as they turned; various men in 17th century costumes with enormous boots and a man who may or may not have been Prince Rupert striding about imperiously amidst scene setting barrels, cooking tripods, and a large number of filming types.

Hopefully, the commotion scared up plenty of gnats for them to chow down on.

A couple of chaps wondering where to get a decent flagon of mead in Newark

I call you Prince Rupert! Although you probably aren't actually him.

Prince Rupert and chums watching filming

Luxury wardrobe department

Now that'w what I call boots

Downton Abbey bottle fail, with added trainer horror

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