Sunday 31 August 2014

My Run, My Town, My Record

Today I ran the 9 or so miles to Cotham, and back to town through Hawton.

Much were the sights, many butterflies and dragonflies along the Sustrans 64 cycling route including some very large brown hawkers near the rubbish tip, and some of the last meadow browns of the season.

It's not just the nature, it's the architecture, the heritage, and the life. It's important to record everything, and with even a mobile phone camera as poor as the Moto G's, it is so much easier to do so than with 35mm film.

Proper photographers must hate them! It used to be an expensive and exclusive hobby, now any shaky handed fool can take a decent picture.

Or maybe they can't?

Sustrans 64 stretches out into the distance

Cotham Flash paddocks, no yellow wagtails or wheatears to be seen

Bugs eye view of the Sconce from Rumbles

Small Tortoiseshell, Sconce and Devon Park

Forest shield bug joins me for tea at Rumbles

Urban horse

Canal and Riverside Trust open day

The biggest inland drydock in Europe

Post run legs

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