Saturday 30 August 2014

More Moths for Lord Mouth

Lord Mouth is a strange fellow. He exists in the mind of my Polish colleague, a cousin perchance of Lord Moth, a name acquired by a certain low level naturalist due to his photography activities of said moths in the dead of night...

I'm sure her pronunciation of "moth" is far better than mine of "schmah" the Polish language equivalent which as well of being unsure about how to say it, I'm clueless about how to spell it.

So, I've encountered these pretty specimens lately. The willow beauty above accompanied me to the Prince Rupert for a pint, the one below was a garden pebble lurking in the stairwell and I think is a lovely find. Lovely, subtle colouring.

Willow beauty with its eyes on my pint

Garden pebble showing its delicate colouring on the stairwell

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