Wednesday 19 March 2014

No Sand Martins in Farndon

After a very lazy day yesterday, felt the need to head out into the wilds and do something energetic.

The Farndon stretch of the Trent may hardly be The Outback, but, gosh, it can get very muddy out there. What adventure!

As it happened, I thought the warmer drier weather might have dried up the route a bit, and so it proved. I was on the lookout for Wood Anemones in Willow Holt; any Whoopers or Bewicks, or even the famous black swan, lurking amidst the grazing mutes, and sand martins down the power station reach.

I saw none of these things. Despite the warming weather, I only saw one butterfly on the wing and that was a peacock in town. But I did have a very pleasant run along the water, and I did a lovely view of a  reedbunting, a very subtle bird with its black painted forehead and chin, and warm, striated upper parts.

But the hirundids, well, I shall have to wait. I know they are around, but they can obviously see my yellow running top a mile off.

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