Sunday 2 March 2014

Devon Pastures

Well, I was a lazy boy today. I should have been up like a lark this morning, albeit a lark that doesn't fly, sing, and actually has to go downstairs in order to go out rather than fly straight up like a weightless arrow.

So I thought I would walk to Sconce and Devon Park for the sheer pleasure of being outside, on a rather blustery day with rain in the air. En Route, I pondered what a "Condor Doctor" might be at the hospital, and noted that daisies and dandelions were now in flower, and the gardens and hedges along Hawton Road have become markedly more colourful in the past few days. I myself have bought a packet of wildflower seeds for my folk's garden, to see if we can increase the butterfly count. Tree bumblebees already adore the Ceonothus.

So, back to Sconce Park, and the Oak Wood was full of birdsong, dominated seemingly by the repetitive two note call of the great tit. The birds were up high however, and I didn't see many, apart from a pair of long tailed tits dancing delicately on twigs at low level.

Sadly, Hawton Holt was closed, but I was able to enjoy a cup of tea at the fun and cosy little Rumbles cafe, speak to my friends, and get ready for a busy afternoon...

...spent sleeping.

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