Friday 28 March 2014

Dog Violets and Squill

New life and dancing ducks put on a new in Newark Cemetery and around the two lakes. Squill forming fairy rings around the trees, emerging dog violets with their heart shaped leaves emerging, and canada geese honking with an unmusicality unsurpassed in history as they chase each other around the water.

Leroy the Muscovy too was in fine form. He waddled ungainly up from the waterside to park by a fence, where I was able to ask his goose sized self for a photo opp. In response he raised his crest, seemed to make his fleshy face flush even redder, and perform a wildly bobbing dance as he panted like a dog; a great, rasping breath that could have stripped paint off doors.

Chiff chaffs are now singing along the cycle path, their sonar like peeping heard amidst the rich song of blackbirds and the repetitive whistle of the great tits.

Magical squill circle
Squill Close Up
Leroy with his crest up
Tatty hidden bird's nest
Dog violet, I believe
Magnificent muscovy

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