Saturday 6 April 2013

And now the Brimstones are Up!

Thank god, the weather is now such I can go outside without contracting snow blindness and frostbite...

Today's weather was the best of the year so far, a glorious spring day with plenty of birdlife - blue tits and great tits in the trees, dunnocks typically scuttering about knee high in the hedgerows, wrens by your ankles and a buzzard soaring above Beacon Hill reserve.

However, the sighting that put the biggest smile on my face was when I was running along the cycling path next to London Road lake, which has been busy with Tufted Ducks the last couple of days. As I ran along, a bright yellow fluttering went past me in the opposite direction. I span around like a maniac, like I was about to dance upon the roof of a car like the kids in Fame in fact, pointed at it, and gave a whoop.

It was the first brimstone butterfly of the spring. A true sign indeed that spring is finally arriving, it made the day all the more beautiful.

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