Friday 1 March 2013

Murmurations Redux; People versus the Starlings

I noticed in the Newark Advertiser on thursday 28th Feb, that the Lincoln Road, Winthorpe Road area starling murmurations have been a talking point in town for a little while.

The locals are complaining about the noise, and the mess. Apparently some folk have even been shooting rockets into them...

Heaven's sake, one of the most powerful sights nature can provide, for free, on your doorstep, for the first time anyone can remember in that part of town, and all folk can do is complain about a bit of bird mess on their cars, and the tweets and whistlings interrupting their enjoyment of "The Chase" on ITV. Or whatever crucial televisual feast it is that requires bird free concentration at 530pm.

As Spinal Tap would say, I'd be devastated if I wasn't under such heavy sedation.

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